Hackmaster (Hardcore Edition)

Ape Fight 3, Death of a Thief, and Fat stacks o cash

And so, with the Kobold Kaverns thoroughly despoiled, the noble Blood Hawks returned to the base at the mining camp. There, they determined that due to a failure to accompany the last few missions, the old leader, Lucius Melbrandt Valeed, would be deposed, and new leaders and roles assigned throughout the party. Tûrin Mitheim was elected as the new party leader, with the brave and noble pixie-sprite Firefern as First Lieutenant, and the half-ogre Barrackus as second lieutenant. The duties of chronicler were also passed to Firefern. The nameless Faeborn thief was invited to join the party, but while other matters were being discussed, he was caught attempting to pick the pocket of Mesmo, the Mad Monk. Mesmo promptly beat him to death. After a short funeral, the party returned to town, to sell off the large piles of swag, and also send Mesmo and Barrackus to school. Upon their return, the party headed back into the mines of chaos. Or that was the plan. Instead, Dawgface Pete and the boys demanded a three day weekend, it was granted, and Mesmo decided to take this chance to get his doubly earned revenge on the savage ape. He did, and Captain Pike won a glorious amount of money. THEN we went back to the mines of chaos, after recruiting an elven maid known as Tàri Anwanamè to act as reconnaissance and thief. Upon venturing deeper into the Mines, the Blood Hawks encountered the save beast known as the Ogtyuch, or something. We killed it, and delved ever deeper…



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