Hackmaster (Hardcore Edition)

Deeper into the Mines

This time, another thief departs

After eliminating the Ogtyugh, the Blood Hawks continued into the mines of Chaos proper. After slaying several lizards, the party was attacked by gargoyles, they suffered greatly, until the greatFirefern woke up and discovered their weakness to magic. They were quickly dispatched after that. After that, the party rested in the majesty of the ruined Kobold Harem for a few days. Upon recovering, they re-entered the mines, and while traveling, were set upon by a veritable horde of some sort of snake/rat lizard monster. Dozens of these beasts assaulted the party, and only through the aid of the noble Captain Pike and the amazing Spirlyn Orlyth did the entire party manage to survive. While retreating from the caves, the party came across a room full of rusted armor, and while investigating, Tari was sprayed by toxic spores, which savagely injured her, and caused her to vomit all of her honor all over the floor. She chose to leave the Blood Hawks after this. The party continued to retreat, and while attempting to cross a narrow bridge, were attacking by some sort of rock snake, which was slain by Barrackus. The party managed to retreat further, and Firefern eliminated a nest of Brain Mites that had been feasting on his intellect. They then returned to town for Bloodhawktoberfest, which lasted until the next month.



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