Hackmaster (Hardcore Edition)

Kobold Caves 2

Now it's personal

The party healed up, and returned to the Kobold Caves, desperate for revenge. While clearing out an unexplored section of cave, they freed an enslaved Faeborn, who proved to be a fairly mediocre thief. The party continued, slaying a horde of Kobolds in the mess halls, before descending into the torture chambers, and eliminating the despicable beasts within. Finally, they had the Kaptain of Kobolds cornered, or so the party thought. He proved to be a far tougher foe than any Kobold had a right to be, nearly killing Barrackus and Tûrin before the heroic Firefern swooped in and downed him with a sleeping dart, after which he was hacked to pieces. The party then looted his bedchambers, and found his adjacent harem, which was slain heroically in self defense.


Excellently portrayed! Bravo chap

Kobold Caves 2

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