Hackmaster (Hardcore Edition)

Legions of terror!

Duel of the Squirrels, and some other stuff that was less important

With the return of the newly leveled Captain Johnathon Pike, the party returned to the MINES OF CHAOS, with a new thief in tow, the sister of former Blood Hawk Tàri Anwanamè, with slightly more competence, but slightly fewer arms. The new member, Sorrel Anwaname, proved to be a valuable addition, helping the party stealth into a different, less deadly branch of the mines, where they stumbled across various Orcs and Orkin, and began to slay them justly! Upon discovering a room of sleeping Orcs, Sorrel crept in and heroically and valiantly began to murder them in their sleep. Mesmo, The Mad Monk, rousted one of the orcs, and fought him in a duel to the death, even allowing him to arm and armor himself beforehand.

After the orcs were slain, the Blood Hawks moved deeper into the mines, before a group of massive toads ambushed them, and briefly devoured Mesmo. Fortunately, Barrackus managed to disembowel the giant toad before it escaped with its delicious meal. Further into the mines we delved, slaying orcs left and right, and forward, and behind, and occasionally above. Then the party holed up for the night, to sleep off the drunken slaughter. After a rest, they set out again, stumbling into the orc kitchens, and slaying their chef, who was just awful. Then, with the devious cunning of their namesake, the Blood Hawks tricked their way into the lair of the leader of the orcs, and slew him and his elite guard. It seemed the orcs were worshiping some vile idol, with a mouth that lead to a narrow tunnel, which the party elected to explore.

This required the services of Firefern, who crept down the mouth of the tunnel, before being ambushed by a pack of hell-squirrels. Fortunately, he managed to escape their attempt at consumption, and advanced backwards, to bring the rest of the party into the fray. Unfortunately, only Sorrel was small enough to easily fit through, and so the two heroes descended into a squirrely Hell. The duo entered a cavern, and were immediately beset from all sides by a horde of murderous devil-squirrels. Despite their best efforts, and the casting of every available spell, the heroes were slowly overwhelmed, just barely beating back the demonic-squirrel tide. Just as things seemed bleakest, as Sorrel fell, and Firefern’s last dart was flung, Mesmo descended into the furry hell, his holy and apparently oily radiance putting the fear of god and/or Mesmo into the monstrous beasts. With this new aid, Sorrel and Firefern escaped from the depths of hell, taking a few small treasures as the only evidence they had been there.

Then some orcs attacked, they were repelled, with a great deal of combat, and one final spell from Firefern, which set everyone on fire to one degree or another. Mesmo took this opportunity to use his new ‘Flaming Fists, and also arms and torso’ technique to great effect. It turned out the orcs had been guarding a treasure room, which contained like an assload of treasure. So the party looted a great deal, and upon returning to town, encountered a pack of Samurai Jackals, of the Blue Lotus clan. They negotiated, and reached an agreement to allow the Jackals to take over the upper levels of the cave, in exchange for granting free passage to the Blood Hawks. They then returned to town, to great acclaim from all.



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