Edward Hawk


Edward is a seven year old human boy, that Nuae for some reason fealt pity upon, and bought his freedom from his abusive father to be an apprentice in the Blood Hawks.

“Young Eddy the Gawds saw it fit to shine upon you this day. You have been chosen for a greater purpose. You have been chosen to seek out life’s thrills and adventures. Until you are of age you will travel with the Blood Hawks at which time you can then decide your own fate. Until then you will learn from us and share our bread and our glory.
In the mornings you are to wake up during the 9th hour shift and begin chores. The chores will include cleaning camp, brushing down the horses and getting a pot of water boiling. If in question ask me what you need do next. During the day if we are not actively adventuring I will begin teaching you how to read and write. In the evenings you are to train with the guards or Sgt. Pike in the ways of war and weaponry. All other times I expect you to follow Jed the animal handler and learn his way with animals. I expect nothing but hard work from you, and you shall see the rewards of your efforts. Feel free to speak your mind to me, but only when in private. You will get 3 meals a day and clothing to fit your new station. If you are caught being dishonest with me or stealing from the party you will be cast out wherever we are at the time. Do you follow a Gawd son?”

Swear to me in the name of your gawd that you will follow these orders that I have set upon you.
“From now on you shall be known as Edward Hawk. Good men need strong names,” Nuae gives him a good pat on the shoulder. “Welcome to the Blood Hawks, your new family.”

Edward Hawk

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