Resin "Firefern" Ellylon

Pixie-Sprite Sniper



ST 4/69
DX 16/57
CON 18/20
IQ 14/23
WIS 6/57
CHA 15/18
COM 15/54


Resin was born on Fernwickle Isle, with a Pixie-Fairy father, and a Sprite mother. His father was highly abusive to the son who would have 20 times his own lifetime, but his mother was caring, and after his father died and reincarnated, he left them. Still, his abuse left mental scars, and Resin is overly fond of fires now.

When he reached adulthood, Resin went off into the world, to enter an Elite Academy for magic-users. While there, he progressed from a fairly absent-minded master to learning from a top-notch instructor. Through one on one training with top-notch equipment, and a brief service in the local militia, Resin graduated Summa Cum Laude. At his commencement, Zorba spoke, which was terribly exciting.

After graduation, Resin returned home, on his way, he encountered a small village populated by pixie-sprites, exiled from their homes. He decided to stay for a while, and encountered a lovely lass known as Aire Aeval. While there, a group of Grel attacked the village, consuming most of the inhabitants. Resin and Aire survived, and found among the ruins two pixie-sprite children. After making their way back to Fernwickle Isle, they determined that the best course was to marry and adopt the two children as their own, to give them a semblance of a normal life. They named their new daughter Kiera, and their son Talyn.

After settling down for a couple years, raising his family, the call of adventure came, and Resin set out to the world, vowing to send back 1/3rd of what he earned to his family. After making his way to the Keep, he joined up with the Blood Hawks, and after a series of battles, is now serving as second in command of the company, as well as official chronicler. He has sent approximately 2000 GP back to his family.

Resin "Firefern" Ellylon

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