Spiryln Orlyth

Severe looking Drow


Character Sheet

Player: Carsonist
Proxy: N/A
Race: Drow
Class: Zealot of Thrian (Inquisitor)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Level: 1
Ability Scores:
16/09 ST (Dmg. +4, Att. +2)
8/24DEX (Def. 0, React -1)
9/85 INT
Quirks & Flaws:
Tone Deaf
Superstitious (Believes blue is lucky)
Psychotic Aversion (Bloodmages)
Pack rat
Minor Delusion (Believes his eyes are always tricking him)
Hit Points: 24

Honour: 23 (Too much)
EP: N/A(next level: ) BP: N/A
Handedness: Ambidextrous Sex: Male
Age: 62
Birthday: N/A Month, N/A AR
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 150
Patron God(s): Thrain
Hair: White
Eyes: Violet
Ancient History(18%)
Feign Toughness(14%)
Fire building(20%)
First Aid Skill Suite (51%)
Forage for Food, Temperate(20%)
Religion, General(51%)
Map Sense(20%)

Powers/Racial Talents:
Soothing Word (3/Day)
Immunity to Confusion and Feeblemind
Drow Spell Abilities
Magic Resistance(52%)
Surprised on a 1 on 1d10
+ 2 on save v. magic attack
Sleep and charm spell resist (90%)
Infravision (120ft)
Detect secret doors (1 on 1d6)
Thrain followers always react positively to character
Fear effects imposed by character recieve – 4 penalty to save
+ 3 bonus to save v. fear
+ 5 to ability check to notice something
Free Lodging and mundane equipment (5gp + 5gps a level/month)

-2 reaction penalties from other elves
-1 to hit in bright sunlight or continual light spells

Spell Spheres:
Animal 6
Combat 7
Creation 7
Devotional 7
Divination 7
Earth 7
Healing 7
Summoning 7
Traveler 7
Warding 7
Weather 7


Items & Equipment:
Light Warhorse
Bit, bridal and saddle
Splint armor
Fine leather clothes
Medium shield
Saddle bags
Mountain climbing gear
Extended overland excursion package


After failing the Drow mage initiation test, Spiryln’s mother fled the underdark and took refuge in a Shadow Elf community. Over the years, Spiryln was taught some minor magic spells by his mother, but never showed the requisite aptitude for magic to follow in her footsteps. Like many Drow teenagers, Spiryln was angst ridden, and he eventually looked to a passing missionary of Thrain to lash out at his mom and teach her a lesson. Realizing that a Drow clergy member of Thrain posed a potential opportunity for the church, the missionary pulled out all the stops, and enrolled Spiryln in seminary at one of Thrain’s hottest holy sites and tricket him out with the most luxurious religious accouterments.

Over the years at he seminary, Spiryln developed a close friendship with the helpful and intelligent, Father Waukenah. After taking his primary classes, Spiryln decided to explore Aldrazaar on a 2 year walkabout, preaching the virtues of Thrain and growing a harboring resentment of peasant folk. Spiryln decided to return to the seminary school he had left two years before, where he found that his mentor, Father Waukenah, slain by a group of vile bloodmages. Filled with rage, Spiryln decided to deal holy vengeance upon the foul maleficar, and single-handedly attacked their hideout. This was a bad decision, as blood mages, do not “fuck around.” After being forced to drink 40 gallons of horse blood, he barely escaped with his life, and decided that it would be wise to permanently stay away from blood mages.

Feeling pity on Spiryln, the senior clergy members decided to give Spiryln more responsibility and let him run a small congregation in the country. Unfortunately for Spiryln, the congregation that he was assigned was a group of backwards hillbillies and the church that they worshiped at was in a state of terrible disrepair. Spiryln eventually rebuilt the church and whipped the congregation back into shape, but he attained this through threats and cruel tactics (because it made him feel better about the blood mage thing). Seeing the effectiveness of Spiryln with his congregation, the higher ups in the church decided to promote him to the position of inquisitor. They realized that the reputation of Drow, combined with his reputation for cruelty within the church, would make him an ideal candidate for the position.

After several years of successful inquisitorial work for the church, Spiryln had a vision. In this vision, he saw the god Thrain, who told him to seek out an individual named Yurgran Stoneteller. Thrain said that seeking out this individual is the first step on the road to ultimate wisdom. So Spiryln headed out, searching the Aldrazaar for a man named Yurgran Stoneteller, and this search eventually lead him to a town called the Grey Hold.

Spiryln Orlyth

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