Yurgran Stoneteller

Dwarf Fighter-Thief


Dwarf Fighter-Thief

ST 18
DX 16
WIS 12
Honour, 16

AC 5 (Ring Mail)
Primarily uses an Axe
Dense Skin, Detect Poison, Evaluate Gems, Expert Heggler
Enmity: assassims, Psychotic Aversion to Monster: (Unknown), Truthful, Animal Antipathy: Fish


Grew up in an obscure mine, trying to make his name and fortune to own his own obscure mine. Currently operates as the party leader, in the sense he walks in front of the rest of the party as a means of detecting traps. When they hear the thud of a dwarf’s body hitting the ground, they know there’s a trap ahead.

One day Yurgran discovered a horse with no name. Despite his complete lack of horse knowledge, he quickly tamed the horse, in a way that wasn’t embarrassing in any way. It was obviously unacceptable to have a horse with no name, so Yurgran quickly wrote a song about it, then decided to name the horse, “Horsey LaRue”. He later named a mule, “Mulia Steinem”, but the party immediately sold the mule.

Yurgran decided he could make some extra cash by running a mission for the local thieves. If he weren’t truthful, he’d say that he was trying to undermine the thief’s guild in the mission. Unfortunately, Yurgran is truthful, so he just avoids talking about it. He was hired to serve as a detector of traps. He initially failed a roll to climb the ladder to the roof. Then he failed to detect the trap that guarded the door, causing the lockpicker to be electrocuted. He did successfully detect a trap in the house, which should have impressed everyone, but they were still mad at him for his previous failure. It turned out their anger was justified, as Yurgran failed to detect the trap attached to the safe. When the lockpicker worked on the safe, it caused the release of deadly gas into the room. Most of the thieves’ party fell to the ground in the fumes, with the lockpicker grabbing some loot from the safe and fleeing the building. Yurgran grabbed a bar of gold from the safe, and a halfling who still clung to life. As Yurgran tried to climb down the wall, his hands slipped, and he fell to the Halfling’s death.

Once in the street, Yurgran hid in the alley with the group leader, but his hiding was so inept it lured the guards to their location. The leader was so disgusted with Yurgran’s performance, he later forbade the dwarf to ever speak to him again.

In the end, Yurgran was up 50 GP, so it all worked out.


If I should die, and there’s enough money around to bring me back, I’d like that. Otherwise, try to send my body back to the Stoneteller hold.

Yurgran Stoneteller

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