Free City of Fangaerie

The Province of Fangaerie is centered on the great city of the same name. This city, built over the ruins of the ancient Raagean capital of Soult Tet, serves as the administrative center of the Fangaerian City States. It is one of the largest cities in the known world. Every major occupation, organization, guild, and religion has, at the very least, a branch office in Fangaerie.

Fangaerie is ruled by a number of aristocratic families. Though most positions in the city are elected offices, the candidates are always members of the ruling Houses.

The City of Fangaerie is divided into ten districts, divided by walls and the Soult River.

Places of Interest
Grod Mondre gladitorial arena
Academy of the Flaming Sword
House of Medrusa

Temple of Draper
Temple of Odin
Forcar Remius, the great temple of Benyar

Free City of Fangaerie

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