Do not hesitate to step through the mystical doors of peyote induced fantasy. For this is the wurld of Hackmaster (Hardcore Edition). This is a wurld where mighty monsters lurk behind every corner to commit petty acts of vandalism and theft, and vicious corgi wardawgs tear intrepid adventurers limb from limb. In this land, stalwart heroes stoically beat impoverished children, to silence their annoying pleas for leftover food scraps that you were about to throw away “so their tummy doesn’t hurt tonight.” This is a time where honor is paramount, and the open urination on the corpses of fallen enemies (and sometimes allies) is not a matter of what is “socially appropriate” or “in good taste” (whatever that means), but is a matter chivalry and personal convictions that goes to the heart of adventuring itself. So if you are brave enough to hark the awesome call of awesomeness that is Hackmaster (Hardcore Edition), then lace up your ass kicking boots, plug your I.V. of extra healing directly into your jugular and get ready for the most decadently savage role playing experience of your life.

Now that you are sufficiently pumped up about the campaign, its time to think about the cruel and oft times disturbing psyche of your adventurer. The following is a questionnaire outlined as a sample adventure, and your answers to each question should be consistent with your thought process and playing style preferences. When recording information about your character, simply label the answers to correspond to the questions below, recording them onto your bio. This questionnaire is meant to insure the quality of this role playing experience.

Action Items
1. Update character sheets/remember honor sheet
2. Jeff chronicle(On calendar)!!
3. Feel free to fill out game wurld stuff

X = Done (for the most part)

Hackmaster (Hardcore Edition)

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